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Houston Emergency Plumber

Houston Emergency Plumber

Do you need an emergency plumber? has responded to emergency plumbing crises in Houston for over 40 years. Our credentials include:

  • Founded in 1972
  • Family owned and operated
  • Will operate outside of normal business hours to handle emergency plumbing situations in Houston
  • 100% guarantee our work and parts
  • Licensed, insured, and bonded
  • Fully-stocked vans and trucks

Common Examples of Plumbing Emergencies

  • The pipes burst. Old pipes or suddenly de-thawing pipes can break, causing water to flood an area of your home or business. Burst pipes can also result in complete loss of water pressure to your system. So when you want to take a shower, wash the dishes, or run the laundry, you can’t. 
  • No hot water. The hot water heater may have burst, broken, or stopped working for another reason. 
  • Gas line damage: plumbers are certified gas line repair professionals. Gas line damage is no joke and should be looked at immediately!
  • Sewer system back up: A backed up sewer system can suddenly overflow onto your property through a leaking pipe or outtage area, even through the ground itself. If this happens it can cost a lot more to clean up than it would have cost to call the plumber. 
  • Flooding is a homeowner or business owners worst nightmare. Damage to the flooring whether tile, wood, concrete or another material can be very expensive and time-consuming to clean up.
  • Leaking that could lead to flooding: a small leak that leads directly to perishable materials such as exposed wood or sheet rock should be considered an emergency situation, since the damage gets worse the longer the leak is left to overflow onto the material.
  • Dangerously hot water: scalding water can damage the lipid layer of the skin, especially for senior citizens who may be more sensitive to fluctuations in temperature. A faulty hot water heater may cause these fluctuations. Although the changes in temperature may not harm or even bother other members of the household, if you have seniors or very young children such as babies and toddlers in the home, it can be a serious situation. Address it immediately.

Circumstance-specific Emergencies

These kinds of emergencies may only seem like emergencies because of the situations surrounding them. A leaky faucet during a wedding; a clogged toilet on a birthday. Another example, family and friends are coming over to your home for a holiday party, and you have to have the toilet fixed no matter what. When the circumstances demand it, any kind of mild issue can suddenly become an emergency. Don’t let this happen to you! Do proper plumbing maintenance to prevent sudden dire straights. Remember, emergency plumbing outside normal business hours can cost you much more money than regular plumbing maintenance and prevention.

If you’re thinking about calling an emergency plumber, it’s important to ask yourself:

Is this really an emergency plumbing situation?

Because calling a plumber or other professional to handle a plumbing emergency can be costly, its important to know whether the situation you’re facing really is an emergency. Some simple steps with a level head can calm a crisis in minutes. Here are some questions to ask yourself when faced with an emergency. Please check these before calling us! We would rather save our customers time and money and build good relationships.

Can the water be turned off? So simple! If the water is turned off, is the situation still an emergency? Usually it’s not – and the plumber can come the next day, not at midnight. 

Is the leak continuous? If it’s not, put rags or a bucket underneath the leak. This simple measure will usually save you from calling us. 

If there is a main valve and a specific, local valve, do you need to shut off both in order to stop the leak? Sometimes homeowners panic when they turn off the local water valve, but they forget to turn off the main valve. You may need to turn off the main water valve to your home in order to stop a major leak. 

If you don’t address the problem right away, will more harm arise? In other words, can the problem wait, or does leaving it create a bigger problem. If leaving the problem DOES NOT cause more harm, the problem can likely wait till the next day. This is an important plumbing rule of thumb, since emergency services late at night should be reserved for truly emergency situations. Indeed, costs go up in an emergency. – Emergency Plumber Services

Below is a short list of some of our Houston emergency plumbing services:

  • Toilet, Faucet or Shower Issues.
  • Houston Drain Cleaning.
  • Dishwasher Problems.
  • Houston Water Heaters.
  • Main Lines.
  • Laundry lines.
  • Septic Problems.
  • Floor drains.
  • Corrosion Problems.
  • Slab Leaks.

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